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Back Alley #18
By: Michael Cho


  • Printed on 100% cotton rag paper using archival inks.
  • Artist-signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.
  • 50% of the proceeds go directly to the artist.
  • Available framed or print only.
  • Art From Concentrate sells museum quality prints. Each piece of art is printed on archival quality, 100% cotton rag paper. We use archival quality, pigment-based inks for each print. This isn't a chain store poster. This is truly a high quality piece of artwork.

    The above print sizes refer to the dimensions of the paper, not the size of the printed image. We do not change the aspect ratio or crop/resize the original artwork. We leave all images as the artist intended. Every print has a minimum border of 0.5 inches to accomodate custom framing.

    We ship unframed prints in stay-flat envelopes with stiff corrugated cardboard.

    Our custom frames have luxurious finishes that will make your art last forever in your art collection. Custom frames come with a mat.

    Italian artisan crafted frame is 1 1/8” wide by 1/2” deep - satin black or white finishes. Wood mouldings use the highest quality materials - woods from active reforestation programs and environmentally safe finishes and materials.

    Crystal clear, UV protection glass.

    Archival custom measured mat beveled cut to the image on a 45 degree angle. Mat is acid-free and lignin-free for maximum artwork protection.

    3/16“ acid free foam core backing behind artwork.

    Frames are finished with a dust cover, wire, and hanger. Frames are ready to be hung.

    Frames are professionally assembled in Toronto, Ontario.

    Our frames ensure that artwork is not damaged and retains its conservation value.

    Frame size is generally 6" taller and wider than print size.  Actual size varies as frames are custom built for each print.

    We ship all framed prints with lots of bubble wrap and pack frames carefully in reinforced cardboard boxes.

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    For as long as can I remember, I’ve been drawing.  And for most of that time, my interest was in drawing people.  I think it was because the human figure had more interesting lines and rhythms and was what I related to, while buildings and houses and streets were just something I broke out my ruler to draw.

    When I set out to become an illustrator, I knew I had to fix that apathy.  I’d always appreciated good landscape painting and how it could evoke a sense of place and emotion, but I had been a city dweller all my life and had never been able to draw a pastoral scene with any real conviction.   What I know are city streets and alleyways.  So when I decided to sketch and paint some landscapes to further my artistic knowledge, that’s what I chose as my subject.

    Although I wasn’t born here, I’ve lived in Toronto longer than I’ve lived anywhere else in my life and it’s the city I love and call home.  I’ve always felt comfortable living downtown.   I’d often cut through the alleyways here on the way home on a summer night or during a walk to clear my head on a spring day.   They’re familiar places, quiet and often hidden in plain sight.  I think when you know a city, you know its back alleys.  It’s like a house: the dining room is in the front to show to guests, while the real living goes on in the kitchen in the back.

    These prints are a part of many sketches, drawings and paintings I did in the course of my learning.  They were done over a 5 year period, from 2006-2011, when I’d find time in-between freelance commitments to relax and work on something personal.  They were done in all kinds of media; watercolour, gouache, ink, markers and coloured dyes to name a few.

    The sketches evolved and became more complex as I quickly developed a real love for drawing these places.  They remain fascinating to me, full of the same rhythms and organic qualities that I missed before, and I enjoyed trying to document their details.  But there are also certain emotional qualities to some of the locations depicted in this book, especially during certain seasons, that I find difficult to put into words, but which I find compelling and inspirational.  These drawings and paintings are my small attempt to transcribe some of those qualities onto paper.

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